02 May 2011

Secular Gay Wedding Ceremony

This is the sermons site for the Universal Life Church and its online seminary, where we hope to educate, enlighten, and inform. All of the sermons in this section have been submitted by ministers, like yourself, who want to share what they believe. We welcome all sermons and look forward to being able to post them for all. Our seminary students receive emails every two weeks as part of their free enrollment and one of the discourses is about writing sermons. Sermons have various parts to them, just as weddings and funeral do. The sermons you can read online here are the 'message' part, which is similar to an essay about a topic. Complete services have prayers, offeratories, blessings, opening statements, candle-lighting ceremonies, songs and possibly more. Not all sermons will have the same set-up, the same way the weddings are not all formatted the same way.

We have three sections of sermons: Spiritual Guest Sermons, Religious Guest Sermons and Pagan Guest Sermons. The guest sermons represent the views of some of our ministers. We welcome your views as well. If you'd like to submit a sermon of any length, please send it to guestsermon@ulcseminary.org. You can pick any topic of interest to you to share with the many ministers who visit our site. The seminary is interfaith and non-denominational, so you will find a variety of interesting viewpoints expressed here.

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